Indígeno Taíno /Taíno Boricua is a site created to honor the art of the Taino Indians of the
Caribbean, specially those who left their markings in Puerto Rico, the  Dominican Republic and Cuba.

A VERY, Very, very, brief historical background

    The Taíno Indians were a very peaceful, friendly tribe of Caribbean Indians. Some anthropologists believe they were descendants of the Maya and Aztec societies who migrated from Central America to the northern coast of  South America and from there, island hopped through the West Indies Archipelago to the islands of Puerto Rico, Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and Haiti) and Cuba .
    They had well organized communities where the men fished, hunted and defended the village from predators, and the women did most of the farming, cooking and child caring. The tribes were led by caciques (chieftains) under one greater cacique who ruled the entire Taíno population for the island.
   They lived mostly of fishing in the bountyfull waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Their diet consisted mostly of fish, shell fish like lobsters and shrimp, mollusks like conch and giant sea turtles. They also hunted wild boars, then available to them. They cultivated corn (maiz), casaba (yucca), yautia, taro (malanga) and plantains, and they complemented their diet with native tropical fruits like bananas (guineo), guava (guayaba), pineapple (piña), wild berries and nuts like cashews (pajuil).
   As pastime, the Taínos played a game where the ball, made from rolled-up jute, was tossed from one to another. To hit the ball they would use their heads, shoulders and belts, which were carved out of stone or a wood stick which was used as the modern day baseball bats are.
  When Christopher Columbus so called discovered America, these friendly native inhabitants greeted the Spaniards with fear as they were not familiar with their white skin, clothing and behavior. They treated them as gods, were submissive and tolerated enslaving treatment from them. It was not until a rebellious chief, Agueybaná (awaybanáh) challenged one white conquistador by dunking his head in a river, that they realized that these men were as human as they were and that they drowned the same as theTaínos. The population of Indians diminished slowly, almost to the point of extinction, due to illnesses brought by the Europeans, such as small pox and measles, and by the Spaniards maltreatment of them. The remaining Taínos were absorbed into a mixed (mestizo) culture from the inter-relations with the white Spaniards and in some cases with the Negro slaves brought in by the Spaniards to do the work the Taínos previously had done. In a recent study, it was determined that approximately 60% of the population of Puerto Rico carries Taíno DNA.
   We are very proud of our Taíno heritage and are using their primitive petroglyphs (stone carvings) designs in a bit more sophisticated way to keep this culture from completely being obliterated from our lives. This is a site where you can acquire merchandize with Taíno Indian designs. We have a gallery of copyrighted designs that can be selected by you and applied to our T-shirts, baseball caps, tote bags, etc. Our design gallery contains the copyrighted art  for your selection. You can choose your design and incorporate it to the articles of your choice for your own use or to use as gifts.